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On Petrus Toxy Facebook you can find more information about me. The information is public. My Facebook is my private site. If you don't like my private view. Then move on.

On the Facebook I discuss and comment current swedish politic, anti-Semitism and legal philosophy (right and wrong, etc.).


The current politic are comments by me on a serious base, but with a twinkle in my eye. The glimpse is not intended to be on a personal level, more a slight sneer on the political level in political questions that is not consistent with my political views. The opponent may have their own opinion as long as the view is within the constitution.


Petrus Toxy LinkedIn

If we know each other from other social contexts than when I as historian mapped extremists, then you can contact me at Petrus Toxy LinkedIn.


On LinkedIn you can't see my contacts. There is nothing secret about my contacts, but unfortunately there are people in our society engaging in harassment etc. This means that you as my contact can feel safe.

Otherwise the information is public.


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On Petrus Toxy Law, you can read about individual areas of law.



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Instead of sending unlawful threats, after reading my Social media, you can every time it itches in your fingers donate 100 kronor to Barncancerfonden (Children's Cancer Foundation).

After donating you can write on your blog how many thousand Swedish kronor you have given to the Children's Cancer Foundation due your hatred because my Social media. Transform your hatred to somthing good for children.


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Support veterans.


The Yellow Ribbon is an internationally recognized symbol to show support to your country's soldiers.


The surplus will be donated to the Foundation of Jesper Lindblom's memory.

Jesper Lindblom killed while on duty in Afghanistan. Jesper served at the former SSG, the Armed Forces Special Protection Group, which was included as part of the Armed Forces Special Force. The foundation has been set up by the families of Jesper Lindblom in honor of his memory, but also to encourage descendants to grow pioneer skills, friendship and leadership under difficult conditions.


  • Finnish veterans - Buy from the veterans webbshop.

The number of veterans currently amounts to 26 590. The surplus will go to veterans, so that they can cope with everyday life.


My interest in Finnish veterans is natural. All my relatives: girls, boys, women and men, who were at the appropriate age, participated in the defense of Finland. Some of them never came home. They died.




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Double B.A. (2014);

Jur.stud. (LL.M. 2016/2017);

Self-Driving Car Engineer, Nanodegree Program, Udacity;

Master stud. in History (Master's Degree 2017/2018);

B.Sc. stud. (B. Sc. in Computer Science 2018/2019).



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