Petrus Toxy



Petrus Toxy




Ignorance breeds rumors.


Legal work for employers and minorities breeds doxing.


Here comes knowledge about me directly from the source.


I was born into an entrepreneurial family.


I have following professional experience: Employed, Entrepreneur and Manager in small and medium size Enterprises, inventor and developer.



I have run several companies simultaneously. When I have not run several companies at the same time, I have run one company and been studying full time. When I have not run companies while I have been studying, I have been studying more than full time. I have been studying up to 250 % per semester. My max capacity during one semester has so far been: two B.A. plus additional 102 credits (hp). The "normal" is 30 credits per semester.

I have following experience from following industries: 3-parts trade (3y), construction (9y), export & import (10y), factoring (7y), fast food (3y), finance (7y), health care (3y), legal services (please look below), security (8y). I have been EH since 1985.


In 1980 my brother introduced me to Basic, COBOL, Pascal.

"War Games" and my brother took me to EH. EH is a night hobby since '85.

I became interested in 6502 ML. In late 80's I was introduced to malware.


In Sweden, where everyone must be equal, the Intelligence surplus finds its own paths to vent. One of ways can be hacking.


"The Cuckoo's Egg" was an eye-opener. It led me to Bash, Bourne, C, cryptography, GNU/Linux, UNIX. And I widened my interest for Shell. Cryptography led me to Prime.

I went on to: AJAX, ASP,C#, CSS, HTML, PHP, SQL, Win, and I fell deeper for Perl, the duck tape of Internet.

I became quite late interested in: C++, Java, JS, Python.

In 00's my skills helped a Swedish intelligence unit. This was during my virtual mapping of undemocratic groups. My mapping was the first full scale mapping in Sweden, when it comes to undemocratic groups and their connections abroad.

I did it in six month. According to the head of the intelligence unit, I saved the unit one year's work.


In late '00 smartphones sparked my interests in Android, BB, iOS, Symbian. It led me back to NOS.


In 10's I became interested in vehicle network systems and the security enabled to prevent manipulation of these systems.


Stuxnet made me in 10's curious in Lua. Now R, ROS and Ruby is in pipeline.


During AI studies since 2007 to nowadays I have study CUDA, LISP, MATLAB, PROLOG, TensorFlow, Wolfram.


I have undergone online courses at: Berkeley, MIT, Stanford, Yale.


Pattern recognition have helped me find the red core in fuzzy information. I use pattern recognition in cryptography and supervision of code.


My special interest is malware. Malware such as e g Stuxnet are like a Mona Lisa.

Pure artistry.


Metamorphic Virus is a personal specialty. Its sophistication is like imbibe a glass of the finest Champagne.


I'm in the ground an academic historians with undemocratic groups, as my specialty.

After years in the business world and security branch I started study at law school.

IT law became my specialization. But. I have very good experience of labor law and deep interest in international law. In international law I'm interested in the Israel / Palestine - issue.


Parallel with studies in law school I studied additional courses in business law, corporate law, and advanced tax incl. so-called White Collar.


In 2016 I was selected to the world's first self-driving car Engineer Nanodegree Program, at Udacity, in USA. I was one of 250 selected applicantsa from all over the world to the first course round. The program is at advanced level in the field of machine learning.

The program was created in collaboration between industry (BMW, NVIDIA, MB, Silicon Valley and others.) And Udacity of course.


My plan is take my LL.M. in 2016/2017.


In 2017/2018 I will take my Master in History, with specialization in IT history.


In 2018/2019 I will take mt BA in Computer Science, with specialization in computer science. But. I in the study field of computer science I prio following courses abroad: CEH, and at following organizations: Cisco, CompTIA, EC-Council, Linux, Microsoft and (ISC)2. Within CompTIA CASP is my goal. Within Linux LFCS is my goal.


I'm in addition also trained archaeologist, with specilization in marine archaeologist.

My specialty in archeology is Karelian shipping and community structure from the Stone Age to the Crusades. My thesis in archeology was in 1993 sawn at the ankles by my Professor. I stand my ground and got low grades.

2014my former Professor confessed that my thesis in 1993, was ten years later in 00's, proved by excavations to be correct. Suddenly my old Archaelogical department wanted to send my paper to the Royal Academy (vitterhetsakademien), then it was the only one of its kind in the field of research, in Sweden.


At the side of archeology I have studied Ancient world and society (Classics), focusing on the 4000 year of history of Jewish people, and about 3000 years of history of Israel and the 1000 year of history of Roman Empire.






Mapping out the right- and left wing extremism.


Historian's task.


Historian's task is to study how it was in the past. "In the past," is everything that is not present. "In the past" is what happened thousands of years ago, but also what happened a second ago. We historians write history for ourselves. We are making history for our children and future generations. The history needs to be written to those who survived. The history needs to be written and rewritten to suit the experience, needs and interests of those who are living and to those who live in future.

Historians want to show that historical knowledge provides a better understanding of our own time and the future.

The Historians interpretation of the past plays a central role in our actions in here and now, which affect our future.

A Historian must dare bring uncomfortable truths in the light, not what is fashion of the day.

A Historian must dare to participate in public debate. The Historian must dare to correct false conclusions even if the conclusions are in violation of the Historian's personal values.

A Historian must dare to leave his/her desk.

The Historian's biggest enemy is the Historian himself. A Historian must disclose his background.

A Historian must constantly critically examine himselves and dare to correct his/her earlier conclusions.

The Historian's only loyalty rests to research.

Undemocratic groups.


"Freedom is free, but freedom don't come free." / Petrus Toxy


Many undemocratic groups, from-right-to-left and radical Islamists on the side, has a high security thinking. The only way that historians van map out these groups is to do it in person.


I have as a Historian mapped out right-wing extremism. I did in 2000/2001 Sweden's first virtual mapping of the Swedish right-wing extremism and I put light on the Swedish right-wing extremism's virtual connections to other undemocratic groups.


My last map out has been about left-wing extremism and the lef-wing extremism's connections to the Swedish Social democrats, the Swedish Left Party, the Swedish Green Party and the trade unions LO and SAC.

A spin-off of this map out was to see how the links between LO and Sweden Democrats looked like.

As the icing on the cake I lighted out links between the Swedish Social democrats, the Swedish Left Party, the Swedish Green Party and Islamic fundamentalism.


The fact that I have examined both right- and left-wing extremism is rare in Sweden.

It's usual to map either or.

The most Historians and journalists map out based on what sells - it sells since after World War II to write about right-wing extremism, but it don't sell to map out the left-wing extremism. Especially if the tracks leading into the trade union LO and the Swedish Social Democrats.

This is because Swedes from childhood are programmed with uncritical mythical image of what the LO and the Swedish Social Democrats stands for. In uncritical mythical image LO and the Swedish social Democrats stands for the "good" in the society. This picture has existed since the welfare state's entry in the 1930's. The concept of "People's Home" (Folkhemmet) is originally a bourgeois concept,but in January 18th, 1928, it was launched as socialist concept by the Swedish Socil Democratic leader Per Albin Hansson.

The images of the Swedish Social Democrats and LO standing for the "good" was reinforced from 1968, when several of those who were part of the so-called 68-left have until now had leading positions in the public sector and in Swedish media.

The fact that the Swedish Social Democrats have the last 100 years had a strong influence on Swedish politics, even when the Swedish Social Democrats have not sit in the government, they have had power over the politics in Sweden, and has as part of that power made it possible to program an uncritical mythical image in the Society, that the trade union LO and Swedish Social Democrats stands for the "good" in the Society.

The image has a few times been disturbed. This has in modern times occurred only few times in the 1970's, 1990's and 2000's. While the political power have shifted in 2006 and 2010, from left to right, but so has also the concept of what is "left" broadened.

Today more parts of the Swedish society, than just the Swedish Social Democrats and LO are seen as a part of this mythical image of "goodness". Today in the 2000's the whole left is in Sweden seen as "good".

A part of this is that several journalists in the Swedish media have left-wing sympathies. Some journalists have also a background in left-wing extremism. With left-wing extremism is ment e g ANTIFA.

In this guise it is no wonder that the left-wing extremism in Sweden is not illustrated in the same light as right-wing extremism.

Hence the greater acceptance of the so-called "Good violence" which the Left in Sweden exerts on its opponents. The "good violence" consists of everything from defamation to the criminal damage and aggravated assault. The "good violence" occurs both on the Internet, in the virtual world as in the physical world. Among those who practice this "good violence" can be found members from the Swedish Left Party, the Swedish Green Party and the trade unions LO and SAC, to even smaller parties and organizations on the left of left, if you choose to see politics as a from left to right going line.


Continue will follow...




"The very ink with which history is written is merely fluid prejudice." / Mark Twain


Is it worth it?


"Is it worth it?", That is a question I often get.


Let's turn the tables - ask yourself - is it worth in a democratic society, daring to lift the lid and see what simmers in obscurity?


Is it for the survival of democracy worth daring to follow the tracks behind the scenes?


Is it worth defending democracy?


Democracy is something we take for granted. It is only when we do not have democracy, we will realize the fragile democracy and then it's too late.


In the world there are millions of people who every day believe that it is worth dying for democracy, if not for their own sake, then for their children's sake.


My answer is - I believe it is worth protecting democracy, if not for my sake, then for mine and your children's sake.


I expect that the democracy protects me, if not for my sake, then for the sake of my children.

So far, the democratic society has not defended me, neither for my or my children's sake.


Today contacting the Swedish Law Enforcement Agencies are as making a phonecall to a connection without a subscription:


"(Error signal) The number you have tried reach has no subscription" - no crimes is investigated, report after report is maculated.


"Democracy must be built through open societies that share information. When there is information, there is enlightenment. When there is debate, there are solutions. When there is no sharing of power, no rule of law, no accountability, there is abuse, corruption, subjugation and indignation."

/ Atifete Jahjaga



What do you think yourself?


Do you think it's worth standing up for democracy?


If you think it is worth standing up for democracy, stand behind it then in word and deed. Not only in dead words. Talk is cheap.

I'm not talking about boo-shouts, key rings razzeling and whistlin when e g the Swedish Democrats want to speak.

In a democratic society everyone has the right to speak as long as they do not violate the current constitution. This is the delicate with democracy, that democracy is prepared to sacrifice his own survival, for everyone to have their say. In a democratic society, everyone should be heard, even those we who care about people's equal values don't ourselves wish to be heard.

What I'm instead are talking about is the words and actions of everyday life. Break everyday racism in the public space - what I nowadays call the everyday xenophobia. This is because we now know that races do not biologically exists within Homo sapiens sapiens, and therefore we should not even use a discourse, as that the discourse were true.


Break the everyday xenophobia. Break the everyday extremism in the public domain.

Do not sit quietly and watch when the people around you are slandered, harassed, threatened with death, because they belong to a minority, because they stand up for the current constitution, because they stand up for the democracy, which incl. freedom of speech, which incl. free information, as long as the words do not meet the conditions limits for a crime.


Do not assume that a certain kind of threat or violence is justified, because there is only one kind of threats and violence - the unjust threats and violence.


Do not assume that democracy includes the right to overturn the democratic society.


Personally, I think it is worth standing up for democracy. Although its costs comes in the shape of threats and hate.




Petrus Toxy



/ Petrus Toxy

Double B.A. (2014);

Jur.stud. (LL.M. 2016/2017);

Self-Driving Car Engineer, Nanodegree Program, Udacity;

Master stud. in History (Master's Degree 2017/2018);

B.Sc. stud. (B. Sc. in Computer Science 2018/2019).













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