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  • I wish you all luck and success the coming year, 2019.
  • God fortsättning och framgångrikt, 2019.
  • Toivotan teille onnea ja menestystä tulevana vuonna, 2019.
  • Je vous souhaite beaucoup de succès dans l'année à venir 2019.


Welcome to my (Petrus Toxy) private homepage and to a pleasant coffee break.

On my website you can read about me, but also in different forms about the red core in a Western democracy - equal justice for all and freedom of speech.


Toxy Media - Your fearless watchdog (c).

From 2019 I (Petrus Toxy) will start Toxy Media. Toxy Media will have the same publication license as any other media in Sweden (EU).

With that said, Toxy Media will have the same legal protection to publish anything it want in the name of freedom of speech as any other media in Sweden (EU) and or in any other western democracy, where there still exist real fearless freedom speech.

Real fearless freedom of speech is a rarity in nowadays, also in Sweden (EU).

Toxy Media will use the freedom of speech all the way, even if it will lead to court and prison.

Toxy Media will never back down for any threats from anyone.

Toxy Media is all about what free press once was about - fearless investigate journalism.

Toxy Media will give me (Petrus Toxy) a Press ID-card as any other journalist in Sweden (EU) and or in any country around the globe where there still exist free press have.

All those in power who will try to boycott Toxy Media will be put on a black list on Toxy Media. The black list of all those who try to stop the fearless free speech will be published on Internet, mirrored and stay up on Internet.

After my journey as a hacker since 1985, legal counsellor since couple of decades and student at especially Stockholm University, Sweden, I have come to the conclusion that Sweden is lacking media houses working for real fearless freedom of speech, free world and for the truth. Well let's be honest, there are some independent journalists in Sweden doing a good work in the name of real freedom of speech and hopefully Toxy Media can co-operate with these independent fearless journalists on a project basis.

Toxy Media will not run any erranders to injustice. Toxy Media's only friend is the truth and only the truth. If you can't handle the truth, then don't read what Toxy Media publish.

Toxy Media will use strong language when it is needed to make a point. If you can't handle as things are, then don't read what Toxy Media publish.

Toxy Media will dig and reveal skeletons in the closets of those persons of interest public service and big media houses are too afraid to write about as e g about the Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallström and e g about how Sweden sponsor islamic terrorism with Swedish taxpayers money.

Toxy Media will always start investigate from top down.Then fishes rotten from top down.

So does our society, also in Sweden (EU) - the self-proclaimed world conscience.

Toxy Media will become a scrutinizing pain in the assholes of those persons of interest who think they are untouchable and above the law. No one are in a real western democracy above the law. The more power you have got from the western democracy you have been put to serve the more important it become that the law also applies you.

I have no illusion other than persons Toxy Media will become a pain in their assholes will try to use their economical- and political power to hit back and blackop me.

Then let it be. Toxy Media will not back down.

Toxy Media will be an Internet Newspaper and it will only publish investigate journalism on a project basis.

On Toxy Media website you can study which projects are in pipeline and when they will be published. You can also study articles which already have been published.

Toxy Media will publish stories from the real world you will not find in the Swedish public media as SVT and Tv4, and or in the big media house publications and by they owned media as e g Aftonbladet, Expressen and DN.

When it comes to investigate journalism I believe my knowledge about offensive network security and my network among haXXor 1337 will come in use. I believe also that my legal knowledge and my position as educated historian will come in use. Last but not least I also believe my knowledge in computer science will come in use at least in little longer term when creating virtual plattforms where you can talk, read and write what is your mind, whitout being censored by the private plattform owners as e g Facebook is doing today and or by states as e g Sweden through the MSB.

A society whitout freedom of expression is a poor society by all means and soon to become a living dead society. A society with censorship don't have real freedom of speech.

Investigative journalism Toxy Media will be all about is a form of journalism in which reporters deeply investigate a single topic of interest, such political corruption.

An investigative journalist may spend months or years researching and preparing a report. Practitioners sometimes use the terms "watchdog reporting" or "accountability reporting".

If you have information of: corruption in Swedish courts at e g Solna Tingsrätt, Värmlands Tingsrätt and or Förvaltningsrätten Stockholm, corruption among public officals at e g Solna Stad and Skatteverket Solna, serious crimes committed by so called dirty cops in e g Örebro län, corruption in the Swedish school system at e g Stockholm university, political corruption from top down, antisemitism, financing of terrorism, powerless who are trampled on by public officers, and or bias of any kind which need to be balanced through investigate journalism, then you are most welcome send me a mail;

Use encryption or ask for a personal meeting.

You can also use other encrypted communication.

How will this affect Petrus Toxy Law Firm among other Petrus Toxy companies? It will not.

Life is too short to rest, especially when there are so much injustice to correct by legal means, by historian publications, by computing and or by investigate journalism.

Peace. O A O.


From 2016 I'm approaching the point where it's time to tie things up and bring together the different subjects I have studied during the years.

Bachelor of Arts Archaeology in 2014.


  • Marine archeology: The Carelian community structure and navigation from the Stone Age to the Crusades.

Classical studies in 2013.


  • Roman Empire, 753 BC - 476 AD;
  • Jewish approximately 4,000 years of history and Israel's 3,000 years of history.

Computer Science, A. I. and Mathematics:

Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology at KTH in 2018/2019;

B.Sc.in Computer Science in 2021.


  • Software Development.

Personal interest:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI);
  • Hacking (since 1985);
  • Prime numbers.

Other personal interests:

  • Malware.

Bachelor of Arts History at SU in 2014.

Master's Degree in History in 2019.

Specialization as Historian: 

  • Extremism, anti-democratic groups and terrorism;
  • Holocaust history;
  • ICT History: Anonymous;
  • ICT History: Malware.

Personal interests: 

  • Political history.

Legal studies.


  • AI law;
  • Labor law;
  • IT law;
  • Tax law.

Extra studies during Law School:

  • Advance Tax Law;
  • Business Economy;
  • Business Law;
  • Company Law;
  • National Economy;
  • Public law.

Professional experiences: 

  • Business Law;
  • Criminal Law (Cyber crimes and White collar);
  • ECHR;
  • EU Law;
  • Labor Law;
  • Public Law;
  • Tax Law.

Personal interests: 

  • International Law.

Personal sub-interests:

  • Contract Law.


  • Bachelor of Arts Archaeology:

- The Carelian community structure and navigation from the Stone Age to the Crusades.

My thesis was the first thesis in Sweden concerning Carelian community structures and navigation from the Stone Age to the Crusades. I wrote my thesis in 1990's.

My Professor was extremly critical to my thesis and I got from him very low grades for my scientific work.

10 years later excavations in Carelia proved that my thesis was correct.

My Professor was man enought to admit it almost 24 years later in 2014, but the harm was already done what came to my grades.

  • Bachelor of Arts History:

- Undemocratic organizations.

In late 90's and early 00's I did the first virtual mapping in Sweden of the whole Swedish right-wing extremist environment and their links both in the virtual- and in the physical world to other undemocratic Swedish organizations, but also to foreign undemocratic organizations abroad.

  • B.Sc. in Computer Science:

- Computer security.

The Art of Hacking.

  • Bachelor of Arts Sociology:

- Criminal offences and penalties.

Principles of legality and proportionality of criminal offences and penalties.

My thesis which already are in the pipeline have a neo-modern perspective on the ideas between the traditional, modern, post-modern and what I call the neo-modern thoughts concerning principles of legality and proportionality of criminal offences and penalties. Today when it comes to one of the very red cores in any Western democracies worth its name written in ink and the principles of legality and proportionality of criminal offences and penalties, homo sapiens sapiens have stopped since decades in an accellerating grade be homo sapiens sapiens - a human who knows that she is thinking.

Instead Western democracies have took a 180 grades turn back to Dark Ages, a turn which has a negative expensive long term effect on Western societies.

Then Focault is one of my favorite historians/philosophers/sociologists, my thesis take its takeoff from Focaults theories and brings it all to the the next step.

  • Master's Degree in History:

- Anonymous.

ICT history: Anynomous.

My thesis which already are in the pipeline have a neo-modern perspective on power structures between the traditional, modern, post-modern and twhat I call he neo-modern power structures in the physical- and in the virtual world.

Then Focault is one of my favorite historians/philosophers/sociologists, my thesis take its takeoff from Focaults theories and brings it all to the next step.

  • Legal studies:

- High-frequency trading (HFT) and market manipulation (White collar).

High-Frequency Trading (HFT - Algorithmic trading) will go legislator out of her hands in line with developments in A.I. and new advances in theoretical physics.

My thesis have a legal-economic perspective.


Needless to say, I do not put up information covered by professional secrecy.

I'm known for keeping the professional secrecy and I take pride in keeping the professional secrecy.

All information on this webpage is an open source.

"Always remember... Rumors are carried by haters, spread by fools, and accepted by idiots.”

/ Ziad K. Abdelnour

I wish you a pleasant Internet touring on my website.

Petrus Toxy

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