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  • Petrus Toxy


  • Double B.A.;
  • Jurisprudences Exam;
  • Master stud. in History;

  • Classical studies;
  • Languages studies;
  • Magister studies in History;
  • Master studies in History;
  • Master studies in Law;
  • Studies in Archaeology;
  • Studies in Artificial Intelligence;
  • Studies in Computer Science;
  • Studies in Economics;
  • Studies in Mathematics;
  • Studies in Sociology;
  • Studies in Terrorism and Counter-terrorism;

  • Courses with in the business world;
  • Courses with at Law Enforcement Agencies;
  • Courses with in the Security Industry;
  • Courses with in the Swedish voluntary defense;
  • Enrolled as Platoonleader into Special Forces;


  • English (Proficient user);
  • Finnish (Proficient user);
  • Swedish (Proficient user);
  • French (Effective operational proficiency);
  • Danish (Threshold);
  • Latin (Waystage);
  • Mandarin (Threshold);
  • Norweigian (Threshold);
  • Russian (Threshold);
  • Hebrew (Waystage);
  • Arabic (Breakthrough);
  • Farsi (Breakthrough).

Professions (past and in nowadays): 

  • Author;
  • Entrepreneur;
  • Ethical Hacker;
  • Historian;
  • Legal Counsellor;
  • Senior Manager;
  • Security Officer;
  • Software Developer.

  • I have also worked as: an assistant on a marketing- and a finance department, as a calculator, construction worker, demolishing worker, hospital assistance, nurse's assistant, newspaper carrier, salesman, and last but not least I have been in the military.

Recognized for:

  • Alternative Nobel Prize as Legal Counsellor in 2006;
  • I have as a historian examined the Swedish right-wing and left-wing extremism and their contacts to Swedish political parties and abroad. I was the first person in Sweden to vitual map out the whole Swedish right-wing extremism and their contacts with e g islamic terror organisations. I scrutinize since 2001 radical islamism and terror organisations, and their contacts with Swedish political parties and abroad;
  • I have as an Ethical hacker been a part of OP ISIS among others, and by that been a part of War on terror and the cyberwar on the terror organisation ISIS among others. 

Favorite litteratur:

  • Computer Science;
  • History books;
  • Legal litteratur;
  • Mathematics;
  • Philosophy;
  • Quantum physics.

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