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Contact request

Contact request

Please use the folder below or send an end to end encrypted e-mail to:

toxymedia (at) toxy (dot) li

How to send me tip-off:

1) Use the folder below to send to me your tip-off. Use the folder below only if your tip-off is about none secret things such as e g about every day life issues you want me to cover. It can e g be about injust court rulings, injust treatment from public servants etc. This kind of tip-off are often already public by e g court rulings.

Note. The recieving e-mail to the folder below have end to end encryption, but a folder on a website can never be 100% trusted of multiple reasons. Not on this site. Not on any site.

2) If you are insure how delicate your tip-off is skip then the folder below and use directly an encrypted e-mail to reach out.

Protonmail is free and trustful, and it encrypts automatically your e-mail end to end. Don't use Gmail (Google) or outlook (Microsoft) mail. They are not safe to send any tip-off with.

Note. If you send an e-mail without any encryption it's the same as sending a postcard with secret information on it in plain text and that would not be so smart, right?

Send your instead your e-mail with Protonmail end to end encrypted e-mail service to toxymedia (at) toxy (dot) li

If you don't want to use Protonmail you can e g use OpenPGP in combination with Thunderbird.

You should always in the background use a VPN with a secure core and killswitch.

For your safety.

3) If your tip-off is about more delicate matters than about day to day life issues you should instead ask for a personal meeting with me, without any electronics on us when we meet, to physically hand over your information to me. In that case I recommend you to send this request for a personal meeting by using Tor and from Tor log in to your e-mail and send an end to end encrypted e-mail to toxymedia (at) toxy (dot) li.

Tor protects you and puts an extra protective layer on you when you send your encrypted e-mail to me by e g using OpenPGP and Thunderbird or Protonmail sent through Tor.

Read more here.

When it comes to having a VPN running in the background - ProtonVPN have Tor as one alternative.

Note. Edge (Microsoft) and Google (Crome) does not protects you in any way. Avoid sending any e-mails encrypted or not by using browsers such as Edge or Google to log in to your e-mail. Use Tor.

You should also consider to use keystroke encryption on your devices e g on your mobile and PC.

Note. Don't use Google keyboard on your mobile. It's not safe. To an Android mobile there are two widely known and verified secured alternatives. Hackerskeyboard is one of them. 

4) Petrus Toxy MediaHouse is right now setting up a Securedrop. It will be fully functional in fall 2020. When it's fully functional you will read more about it here and how it works.

A Securedrop is right now the safest viritual alternative there is to tip-off media without having a physical meeting with the publisher on a secured place stripped off of all electronics.

All day to day electronics you wear on you and are surrounded by can be hacked and wired. The more delicate tip-off you have the more you must think of your own safety.

Petrus Toxy MediaHouse is always there for you to keep you safe.


Best regards,

Petrus Toxy


Legal counselor,

Ethical Hacker,

Author & Historian;

Etchical Hacker since 1985;

Double B.A.;

Jurisprudence exam;

On double Master's level.


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